Connecticut Blue Card Re-Certification Class

The Connecticut Blue Card Re-Certification Class is the mandatory course needed to renew your Connecticut Blue Card and is approximately 2-3 hours in length.

During the 2-3 hour class the student will review course material from the Blue Card Certification Class they took to obtain their Connecticut Blue Card.

An abbreviated test will be take and the student will be required to also pass the live fire portion of the certification process again with the firearm they choose to carry while on duty.

A minimum passing score of 240 point out of a possible 300 points in the live fire portion of the class is required by the State of Connecticut.

There are no classes scheduled for this training category.
Please check back soon or call us at 860-966-7403 to schedule a private lesson.

Closed For Winter Months

Thank you for visiting Tech9Guns!  We will be closed for the upcoming winter months.  NRA classes and Blue Card Classes will resume in the spring.

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  • Pistol Permit
  • Connecticut Guard Card
  • (1) Duty Handgun - This will be the firearm your qualified to carry during employment
  • 2 Magazines and Speed loaders
  • A quality duty belt (Leather Duty Belts are recommended, but not required)
  • Double On The Waist (OTW) Magazine / Speedloader Pouch
  • Proper Range Attire and inclement weather gear
  • Cleaning Kits are recommended
  • 1 Gallon of water or other beverage of choice for hydration
  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • Note Book and Pen For Note Taking during classroom lectures
  • 150 Rounds Ammunition

Teaching the proper techniques and care for safe and responsible firearms handling.

148 North Road, East Windsor, CT 06088



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