Range Time

08-30-2019 3:00 pm -8:00 pm

Range Time is a service we are opening up to individuals who may not belong to a club or have a dedicated area to go out and do some target shooting.  The idea is simple, offer individuals an affordable option to just go out and practice for a few hours.

Standard paper target stands will be provided to individuals to hang their own paper targets from or paper targets can also be purchased on the date for a nominal fee at the range.

Steel plates may be available in addition, call in advance to inquire for the date you are looking at to confirm if they will be.

Ammunition will not be provided or sold and each individual is responsible for supplying ammo for the day.

This is a 5 hour block of time at which the individuals are afforded an open shooting period to practice.

Individuals must bring with them proper eye and ear protection along with proper range attire (no open toes shoes or sandals) 

This is a weather permitting event, individuals will be notified of any cancelations and issued refunds should Mother Nature decide to give us less than favorable conditions.

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Teaching the proper techniques and care for safe and responsible firearms handling.

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