Ma. Non. Res./Utah Combo Class

The Massachusetts Non-Resident and Utah Permit Combo Class combines all the necessary training and requirements a student will need to apply for BOTH their Mass. Non Resident License and a Utah Permit.

The Class is approximately 5 hours long affording the students who wish to obtain both permits the opportunity to combine the classes and save not only $32.00 but the additional hours of taking the classes separately.

Students must currently possess a valid license for the state in which they reside prior to submission of the applications to Massachusetts and Utah.

This 5 hour class covers all the necessary requirements needed to apply for both the Utah Concealed Firearms Permit and a Massachusetts Non Resident Firearms Permit. The Utah Permit is currently recognized and accepted in 36 States. During the class the instructor will cover Common Reasons for Obtaining a Utah Permit, Concealed Firearms Permit Application Requirements, The application itself, Application Fees, Renewal Fees, Common Application Problems, Firearms Safety Rules,Firearms Familiarity, State and Federal Codes, Legal Review, Justification Of Force, Traveling with a firearm, Prohibited Areas, Weapons Laws and other various topics and responsibilities associated with holding a Utah Concealed Firearms Permit.

Similar topics will be covered for the Massachusetts Permit that are applicable to that states laws.

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