Advanced Firearms Training

In our advanced classes, students who already possess a solid basic firearms foundation and understanding of firearms safety will be introduced to elements and aspects similar to which they may encounter in an active shooting situation.

Under the supervision and instruction of a certified firearms instructor the student will be afforded an opportunity to expand his or her training beyond the normal static and standardized range training they are familiar with.

These classes are intended to introduce stress and challenge the physical fitness of the student under controlled conditions to simulate an as realistic active shooting situation as possible under controlled training conditions.

Classes are structured in a manner that allows each student an opportunity to experience the realistic factors they potentially can face in a real life situation and experience the effects these factors will have on their ability to execute their intended goals for said situations.

Each class will begin with a Range Safety Meeting where Range Rules and safety concerns will be discussed in detail.

From the classroom the students will move to the range where the drills for the day will be explained and demonstrated for them.

A brief reiteration of the safety rules and regulations will be conducted and the students will be shown the range lay out for the day with emphasis made as to where they will and will not be allowed to go at any given time during the drills.

Each drill will be executed first utilizing a dry fire run to help familiarize the student with the drill.

Once each student has demonstrated their understanding of the drill, the drill will be executed under life fire conditions.

It should be understood by the student that as previously mentioned they will be exposed to physical exertion that not only tests their physical capabilities but also a certain level of mental exertion as the drills progress through out the day.

Proper Range attire, equipment and attitude are required for this level of firearms training.

Upcoming Training Dates

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  • 1 gallon of water for hydration
  • 200 rounds of ammunition
  • Quality ear and eye protection
  • Proper range attire (no shorts or open toes shoes)
  • A quality holster that securely retains their firearm during extreme movement
  • 1 double magazine pouch
  • 3 magazines for their firearm
  • A cleaning kit for your firearm
  • Inclement weather gear (we train rain or shine)
  • Paper targets and or steel plate will be provided for the drills
  • Students should be in relatively good shape and understand these drills are intended to increase your heart rate during their execution

Teaching the proper techniques and care for safe and responsible firearms handling.

148 North Road, East Windsor, CT 06088



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