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NRA Firearms training

When we think about training we alway go right to the mindset that we need “Live Fire” training and a “Range” to practice our skills.

These are two very important aspects of our firearms training regimen, however there are drills we can run right in the comfort of our own home utilizing “Dry Fire Practice Fundamentals”

Dry Firing involves practicing skills with an unloaded firearm or with Training Dummy Rounds.


What areas can we cover during dry fire training that are as valuable as live fire training.

#1 Practicing your grip…..I can’t tell you how many people I observe at the range with terrible grip’s…I teach my students to get as much of their skin contacting the firearm as possible.  No gaps!

#2 Sight Alignment/Sight Picture….Making sure you're using your dominant eye…Training the muscle in your dominant eye to focus on the front sight is like working out your biceps, if you slack off the curls they goto crap.  Find a point in your home…doesn't matter what it is and draw your unloaded firearm and acquire your Sight Alignment/Sight Picture and work out that dominant eye.

#3 Magazine changes….Simply standing in a room ejecting one and drawing another from your mag pouch and putting it in the firearm….muscle memory, you want to build up you’re speed and accuracy.

#4 Drawing your firearm…..From a holster both covered with a shirt and uncovered….it takes practice to get to the point where your draw is flawless….again working for speed and a nice smooth draw.

These 4 areas of your skillset determine if your gonna punch holes or just send lead on target.

You should be training to punch holes…and that only comes with practice and excellent basic shooting fundamental skillsets.

So next time you’re in front of the t.v. grab your firearm and add some training in when the commercials come on….


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