Connecticuts Three Newest Gun Laws

Connecticuts Three Newest Gun Laws

A little over a month ago Connecticut law makers passed yet again more bills aimed at gun control. I get asked all the time what they are by students, well here it is…

  1. “Ethans Law”   Basically something that people with common sense should already be doing without being told to is a law that tells people without common sense that they are now required by LAW to keep all firearms safely stored, loaded or unloaded, in homes with children so they cannot be accessed by them.
  2. “Ghost Guns” they made guns created with 3D printers illegal (stupid idea to begin with)
  3. It is now ILLEGAL to leave a firearm in an unattended vehicle unless it is locked up in a storage container. (no brainer, IF you had a brain)

So in a nut shell, the law makers put into law things that should have been simple common sense issues and NOT EVEN ISSUES AT ALL because some idiots with guns lacked the ability to figure it out themselves…..

Day after day responsible gun owners have to pay the price for the ignorance of others!

My only solace is that this law doesn’t impact responsible people in any way shape or form because we don’t have our heads up our butt’s like some people.

But thats just these three laws, more are on the way and maybe next time we won’t be so lucky



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