The Security Industry

The Security Industry

Recent studies and statistics have show the private security industry in the United States has been on a booming trend since 2010 and it is expected to continue that trend past 2020.

Security Officers, Private Detectives and Investigator positions are expected to see a growth rate of 20 percent or more before the end of this decade outpacing the average growth for all other jobs.

Recent studies by the Institute Of Finance have sited the United States Security Industry to be a $350 Billion dollar market that employs 2 million full-time security officers.

Starting salaries range between $15.00-$35.00 based upon experience.

A continued growth in these numbers is anticipated given the increasing demand by companies looking to secure their assets from theft.

The Tech9Guns Training Academy offers both the Connecticut Guard Card and the Connecticut Blue Card (Armed Guard) Classes.

We utilize our own custom written lesson plans that have been approved for use by the State Of Connecticut DESPP to properly train students wishing to enter into the security industry.

Our facility consists of a classroom and private range both set up specifically to provide an environment conducive to education. The Tech9Guns Training Facility is not a fly by night organization set up in a basement or garage by someone who’s sole purpose is to pump out certificates like a puppy mill does puppies.

Our lesson plan far surpasses the requirements set forth by the State Of Connecticut and is intended to product top quality, well trained and educated candidates who employers can hire with confidence knowing their education consisted of something more than 1970’s outdated videos and tests to which the answers were provided to the student in an attempt to help them pass.

I have made a large investment I’m my training and pride myself on being a graduate of the Sig Sauer Training Academy and holding the coveted Sig Sauer Firearms Instructor Certification.

I’ve educated myself to this level so that my students can benefit from my training so that they to can set themselves apart from their competition. When you enroll in a Tech9Guns Training Academy class you can rest assured when you walk out the door you will do so knowing you just received the highest level of education possible from the instructor teaching that class.

So register today….and as always…


Teaching the proper techniques and care for safe and responsible firearms handling.

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