Open Carry

Open Carry

This topic is primarily for the open carry states, you concealed carry folks....well, I feel for you lol but if you read this I don't think you will feel so bad in the end!

So I can't tell you how many times I get asked, "Do you open carry?" by students and customers and then it's followed up with the WHY when I tell them...

I believe the choice to open carry is a very personal one that will vary from individual to individual and honestly there is no right or wrong answer in my opinion.

I've simplified my answer over time and formed it off the events that are happening around me day to day.

Let's face facts....We live in an Anti-Gun day and age, and the powers that be don't need to create excuses like they used to because of the constant shootings every other day.

I love my 2A rights, BUT I also subscribe to the notion that if I want people to respect my beliefs then I MUST respect their right to disagree with them.

That's a blanket statement for everything in life.

And it's a balance many people who pass through my door can't conceive. And no matter what I say, there will be the IT'S MY RIGHT people who just won't agree.

So your asking, DO I or DON'T I open carry.....

No, I choose not to open carry even though it's my right to do just that....

Coupled with the fact that there will always be someone who gets a hair across their butt when they see a firearm, it's defensively NOT in my best interest to let everyone and their brother know I am carrying...

I want and need the element of surprise to be on my side, NOT the aggressors. That in itself is what I used to base 95% of my decision on.

The last 5%....Do I need to ruffle the feathers of the people who don't think I should have the right to own a firearm? And is making my point that I HAVE THAT RIGHT more important to me than keeping what little rights I have left at this point.

It's all different than wearing camo when you're hunting to stay invisible to your prey....Only difference in my opinion, is that people are hunting me to take my rights away.

So I choose to not poke the hornet's nest with the proverbial stick and to hold onto my rights one more day.

We should all know by now, we haven't seen the last of our rights stripped away by the government. They are very smart in my opinion, they take small bites of our rights away a little here and a little there as opposed to one massive chunk.

Hell they know THAT would never go over!

But in the end....if you're paying attention they have already taken a huge bite out of the rights we once had if you really think about it and honestly look....

They just did it a little here...and a little there....

So NO...when I have the legal right to open carry I do not choose to do something that might result in all of you, myself included loosing any more than we have.

The choice is yours to make, but know at some point that choice isn't going to be there if we keep choosing to do things that jeopardizes what's left now!

There will always be someone looking for an excuse to take away a right, I don't want to be the person that opened that door for them.

So thats my take on that.....

Until Next Time, Be Prepared....Live Safe....

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