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Through proper training and a solid educational background, our number one goal here at the Tech 9 Guns Training Academy is to educate our students the highest level of standards prior to them entering into the community or workforce.

Regardless if a student enrolls in a class at Tech 9 Guns Training Academy for personal protection or to enter the workforce industry, our goals remain the same. Every student will graduate with a full understanding of both State and Federal Laws and a comprehensive understanding of Safe Firearms handling.

Tech 9 Guns Training Academy has always adhered to a “Safety First” attitude in its training and classes and supports the ideal that ownership is and will always be a right, but knowledge is and always will be our responsibility.

Certified Instructor

Certified Sig Suaer Training INstructor

At Tech 9 Guns Training Academy our courses are taught utilizing individually written lesson plans specifically written and designed to maximize a students knowledge base for the curriculum to which he or she has enrolled.

I am a Certified Sig Sauer Firearms training Instructor graduate who also holds Instructor Certifications from the NRA, The States of Massachusetts and UTAH.

In addition to the Massachusetts and Utah concealed carry pistol permit certifications I am also a certified State Of Connecticut Guard Card and Blue Card (Armed Guard) Instructor.

I also hold Certifications as an Instructor for the American Heart Association and I am qualified to train their CPR, First Aid and Basic Life Support (BLS) Classes.

Teaching the proper techniques and care for safe and responsible firearms handling.

148 North Road, East Windsor, CT 06088



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